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The Soul Phone Project is directed by Dr. Gary Schwartz of the University of Arizona. His team of professionals, among which are electrical engineers, software programmers, optical physicists, and mediums, have been working for 16 years to advance our knowledge of human consciousness & its relation to physical & mental health. The challenge is how to capture the signal of “post material persons” among all the background noise. A post material person is not described as a ghost, an apparition, or the dead/deceased. They exist on a spectrum that is, on one extreme, a pure energy form while at the other, a physical manifestation is an option. In addition, data shows “an ability to multi-locate.”

How can there be any reality to this? Aren’t the professionals working on this ‘chasing butterflies’ or maybe someone should be chasing them with a butterfly net? Let’s look at the astonishing goal of creating a way to communicate directly with post material people from the standpoint of mind & matter. “Mind & matter is one & the same. In scientific research of the human body, today’s scientists hold that a thought generated by the human brain is a substance.” (1) Neurological researchers use the EEG (electroencephalograph) to record the emissions of the cerebrum, that substance. Therefore, “if it is something of material existence, isn’t it something of the human mind as well?” (2) Many philosophers & scientists have described the mind as a primordial element. Philosopher Thomas Nagel appears to believe that “Mind has a fundamental reality on its own.” (3) This is a re-statement of Dr. C.G. Jung’s assertion about the reality of the psyche. “The psyche is an a priori fact of nature, an objective phenomenon which is irreducible to any factor other than itself. Psychic existence is the ONLY category of existence of which we have immediate knowledge, since nothing can be known unless it first appears as a psychic image.” (4) This is common sense; before you can build a house, you must have a plan, a blue print of what you’re going to build (the psychic image).

So let’s phrase it in no uncertain terms: mind is matter, and matter is mind. Therefore, mind is in everything & everything is in the mind or consciousness. When someone dies, their mind is not lost to a decaying or non-functioning brain because consciousness is generated by the universal consciousness of the eternal-infinite Absolute Awareness. The Soul Phone is an elegant device in development for the singling out of individual, unique manifestations of the universal mind.

If the universal mind or Absolute Awareness are foreign or revolting terms for you, then I ask you two things. One, tell me why this following quote is not true: “The very act of perceiving shows that you are not what you perceive.” (5) If you can’t, then ask yourself, if you are not your body, feelings, thoughts, memories, time, space — anything concrete or abstract — Who are you? What are you?

I think it’s comical for people to reject the Soul Phone out of hand; it wasn’t too long ago that if you told someone that you could put little pieces of metal — electrodes — on a person’s scalp & connect them by wires to a machine, you could tell from the machine’s marking on paper if the person was awake or asleep while not being able to see, hear, touch, or use any other sense, then they might have accused you of being a few bricks shy of a full load.

Once the verified accurate functioning of the Soul Phone is made public, this advancement in consciousness research will join two other dynamic phenomena of the after-life, the near-death experience & reincarnation, as sources of inspiration unmarred by the ‘kookie factor.’ The kookie factor is my term for beliefs that require a considerable amount of faith in their intuitive appeal & a long-term association with the minority fringe. The near-death experience has a very long history of documentation, with a number of medieval era paintings illustrating some its commonly recognized traits. In the last twenty years, a stupendous number of detailed narratives of the NDE have been published along with databases complied by medical doctors, once one of the most resistant groups to giving it any serious attention. Reincarnation or rebirth has long been part & parcel of a plethora of philosophies from spiritualism to the traditions of religions in the orient. Western academic pioneer Dr. Ian Stevenson wrote “Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation,” among many others which was followed by Dr. Jim Tucker, who has built a database of 2500 studies that conclusively show the reality of the birth of human beings with memories of a provable, previous life.

There are several phased machines in development currently: the Soul Switch, which is a yes/no indicator for those existing in the next realm. Another is the Electronic Soul Switch, which is projected to be cell phone size eventually with roughly 98% accuracy for yes/no questions. That’s followed by the Soul Keyboard, which is forty of the Electronic Soul Switches in parallel so greater detail & accuracy can be transmitted. Finally, a key board-like connection will lead to Soul Voice & then Soul Video, imaging capacities for eventual contact like Skype & Zoom.

How on earth did this talented, highly skilled team of scientists arrive at the idea of signal grabbing devices for post-material persons? There are seven experiments that are responsible for a massive amount of data that has been replicated, double-checked, & found verifiable for further ground-breaking investigations. The basic foundation rests on detecting a non-material entity. This was done with a photon beam or laser beam that was projected along a ten foot long table to a collector. First, a human arm were inserted in the beam & the time of transit to collection was measured in nano-seconds. Also a plexiglass arm was tested. Then a post-material arm was tested: the time for the beam to travel was statistically significantly lower than the other two. What is particularly stunning about this experiment is that other-dimensional persons exist as a form of energy that can be detected by technology, thus supporting mind as matter!

The inspiration to bring these astounding research findings to technological development is actually the repeated advice of Albert Einstein, who is one of the thirty or so luminaries that have become part of the A-Team of non-physical level persons. Several of the ten evidential mediums on The University of Arizona’s team contacted Dr. Schwartz independently & said Einstein was asking for technology that allowed widespread communication between dimensions.

At this point in my discussion of the Soul Phone, you may be wondering how the researchers could put any faith in the identity of the post-material person claiming to be Albert Einstein? Who’s to say it wasn’t a poltergeist or another tricky type of signal they were picking up? The scientists came up with some ways to do this. One was called the personal identification test, which consisted of twenty questions of which ten could be answered yes & the others were no answers. While there was 80% accuracy found when the PITs were given, the research team determined that signal weakness or other to-be- improved measuring flaws were what was responsible for the 20% that were wrong. Another one was the expert knowledge test, which queried the target about an intricate or arcane level of expertise that would not be commonly available. Of course, the evidential mediums also had to agree that the targeted source was also, for instance, Carl Sagan & not ‘someone’ else.

The Electronic Soul Switch idea comes directly from a large plasma globe system which is too big for commercialization. The globe uses a Tesla coil to measure the desired signals. Seven different experiments have demonstrated the validity of that system. Over the last year alone, 4,500 tests have produced greater than a billion data bits. Because this is a serious scientific endeavor, great care has been taken to ensure the exploratory experiments credibility & integrity. With this in mind, the research investigations have provided control pairing, which refers to a baseline period where no one is doing anything while a yes/no answer is elicited from a post-material entity. The same investigative endeavors have been reproduced at different research lab by unrelated scientists. Finally, these findings have been examined, discussed, & evaluated in respected scientific publications in 2010 & 2011. ‘Explore’ should have its version out, for example, in late 2020. These research finding are also double blinded, meaning that Dr. Schwartz, among others, has no idea where, when, or who was participating in a specific round of testing.

A major hurdle that Dr. Schwartz & Dr. Pitstick face is convincing the public that Thomas Edison & Nikola Tesla are truly the luminaries that are being contacted in post material form. Dr. Pitstick sums it up as “we will let them speak for themselves.” This means that there is little media outreach in part because there are studies to be completed involving 6 different universities, institutes, & think tanks before a public demonstration is done. This demonstration will use skeptical, independent investigators to verify control conditions & double blinding so no one can claim fraudulent or bogus results. The bottom line, says Dr. Pitstick, is that with 99.9% certainty, we can say that “life continues after bodily death. Also, post material persons have physicality & density.” (6)

Some controversy exists because other established & trusted sources about after-death conditions describe the situation differently. I see that as a strength really since too seamless of an agreement would suggest collusion. What is enamoring about the Soul Phone experimental conclusions is that “ it dovetails with the very important near-death experience research…for the last twenty years” as well as “the reincarnation research at the University of Virginia,” as well as their NDE findings. (7) However, some of the data base of Dr. Jeffrey Long’s NDE project are contradictory & show little agreement. Some ND experiencers like Ian McCormack go so far to say that “if you saw Jesus in yours, (NDE) you had a real NDE. If you didn’t, it’s probably satanic.”(8)

How do Dr. Schwartz & Dr. Pitstick address that? Pitstick says no one got a lock on the truth. Let’s look at the golden threads that run through all the world’s religions, the Perennial Philosophy as Aldous Huxley called it. Next, listen to your inner voice. What makes sense to you? Finally, look at the contemporary evidence & those three should give you the best picture of what’s going on.

In ‘Greater Reality Living,’ they wrote that there are 3 types of after life & associated topics evidence. One, scientific research done with all the protocols mentioned earlier. Two, clinical research, which is the source of NDEs, that can’t have experimental controls. Three, is experiential evidence, so-called because of its first-hand basis: NDEs, past-life memories, & crisis apparitions, to name a few. They are using scientific methods primarily to prove a hypothesis: that hypothesized post material persons can be shown to be a proven fact through verified, replicated experiments. As proof of the after-life & the end of the fallacy that when you die, that’s the end, this is an invaluable service to humanity since this is the number one fear or concern of an immense number of people.

Dr. Pitstick is adding to a life dedicated to helping others with this crowning achievement on the horizon. He has over 40 years experience in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health settings, & private practice. His degrees include pre-medical & a graduate level one in theology & pastoral counseling, a master’s in clinical psychology & a doctorate in chiropractic care. In his private practice, he has provided suicide prevention counseling & education to voluminous amounts of patients. Around the age of 10, he began to have clairvoyant experiences, as well as revelatory, spiritually transformative experiences as well as miracles. After working in hospitals for decades with suffering & dying adults & children, he was drawn to finding clear, sensible answers that all people ask at some point in their life: Why am I here? Who am I? What happens after I die? Why is there so much agony?

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