I absolutely agree w/ you that ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is a right of every American citizen, but people can stack the deck against themselves. Growing up in the 60s & 70s, I never was much attracted to tattooing b/c of the greater ease for ‘the man’ to identify political undesirables. I participated in two blockades of the Lawrence-Livermore Labs in California during the late 80s in protest of the Peacekeeper atomic build-up under Pres. Ray-gun (Reagan). I actually met the ex-General who had been responsible for Reagan’s Star Wars program & was opposed to it at another protest outside of Amarillo, Texas against Pantex, where the USA constructs & decommissions atomic warheads (Pantex may be closed now). He told me that Reagan’s version was many decades in the future, if it ever worked at all, & that it was NOT a defensive but an offensive weapon, just as the Soviets said.

Serial monogamist & serial apostate. Falun Dafa practitioner that researches consciousness issues.🤡

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